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June 4th: one-day workshop on 'health at work'

We are looking forward to talks from: Christiane Schwieren (University of Heidelberg), Gordon Sayre (emlyon), Lauren Keating (emlyon), Francesco Capozza (WZB) and Astrid Hopfensitz (emlyon). 

Joint with the HITS Institute (Healthcare Innovation, Technology & Society).

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Astrid Hopfensitz studies the beauty bias and who is falling prey to it.

Astrid Hopfensitz wrote an article in The Conversation on the beauty bias and whether there might be some truth to it. You can read it here.

The academic paper that this is based on was published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.  It shows that individuals who are rated as more beautiful are also consistently believed to be more trustworthy. However, by measuring actual  trustworthiness of people, the study reveals that this is a wrong belief. The studys results stress how easy it is to be influenced by beauty in others and that this is an important bias to be aware of in business and economic interactions.

Aurelien Baillon co-directing new chair on "Mental health in Executive Directors of SMEs and VSBs"

emlyon business school and Malakoff Humanis are launching the chair “Mental health in Executive Directors of SMEs and VSBs”, in order to study the psychological health of executive directors, its representations and consequences in the universe of SMEs and VSBs. The chair pairs methodological innovation and subject with powerful societal and economical outreach. For more information see: here

The chair will be co-directed by BRIO member Aurélien Baillon. We are very happy to welcome Farnaz Farzam who is joining BRIO for her PhD and will be funded by this new chair.

Astrid Hopfensitz on the role of single men during the COVID-19 pandemic

Astrid Hopfensitz wrote an article in The Conversation on the role single men played during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can read the piece here.

The academic paper that this is based on was published in the Journal of Economics Psychology. The paper uses data from 46,450 respondents in 67 countries and reveals that married people are more likely to comply with protective health measures than single people. And this is especially true for men.

Lauren Keating on Achieving Your Goals

BRiO member Lauren Keating has published an article in The Conversation on how to best achieve your goals. You can read the full article here.

She has also been interviewed about her research on stress mindset, on the podcast, "Welcome to the New Normal". 

Gordon Sayre on Pay Volatility

BRiO member Gordon Sayre recently published an article in the Journal of Applied Psychology on the harmful effects of pay volatility. You can read his summary of this work on The Conversation. The research has also been covered by the American Psychological Association, U.S. News and World Report, Science Daily, and others.

Selected publications from BRiO members